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Forget diets.

Clear the confusion.

Learn to eat well,

Feel great &

Lose weight

Welcome to Nutrition by Felicia.

My goal is to Transform your Health through Nutrition.

I offer no gimmicks, no bars or shakes to buy,
this is about serious solutions.

If you need a nutrition and wellness expert to empower, motivate, educate and care about you, ​then Welcome, you are in the right place!

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A happier, healthier new you starts now!

Nutrition made easy.

I want you to be successful in your goals.

I offer online programs and support through the use of a private nutrition community. 


It is like having me with you day to day offering support and accountability.

What's for Dinner?


For many of my clients and friends menu planning is a dreaded task.  Finally a solution! 

Treat your body like your life depends on it

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