Options for Making a Plant-Based Smoothie Bowl

If you want to have a yummy smoothie bowl, but are following a plant-based diet, you can’t make it in the same way others do. Most smoothie bowl recipes ask for yogurt and milk, which of course is not allowed on a vegan diet. Here are some ideas for making a plant-based smoothie bowl.

Thicken it Without Yogurt

One of the difficulties with making a smoothie bowl that is vegan-based, is that you lose the thickness when you don’t use yogurt. The yogurt really helps to thicken it up so that it works in a bowl, and not just a smoothie you drink with a straw. You can always use a dairy-free yogurt, but it’s not your only option. Another way to go is by adding banana to every smoothie. You can use a frozen banana or use a banana that is fresh, though frozen is often preferred. Another way to thicken it up is to freeze almond milk in an ice cube tray, and use those as your ice cubes.

Always Use Frozen Fruit

When it comes to having a good plant-based smoothie, you of course will have lots of fruits and veggies. With the fruit, you should try to use frozen fruit whenever possible. The frozen fruit is going to be blended up like ice in your smoothie, which gives it a creamy and frothy consistency. If you use fresh fruit, you might end up with too much juice, causing it to be watery and not the consistency of a smoothie bowl you are looking for. 

Try Adding More Nut Butter

This is a great way to increase the protein and fiber of your smoothie bowl, while also making it the right thickness for a vegan option. Nut butter is really easy to add to a smoothie, plus it tastes amazing. You can go with a standard peanut butter, or nut almond butter, cashew butter, or any other type of nut butter you enjoy.

Go With a Dairy-Free Milk

Many smoothies also ask for a little bit of milk to increase the creaminess of the mixture, but this is easy to remedy when you are following a plant-based diet. Just switch to a diary-free milk like almond milk, coconut milk, or even soy milk. You can go for the sweetened or flavored variety, or just stick to unsweetened and get all the flavor from your fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds. 

Recipe for Beet and Berry Smoothie Bowl

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